ShooFly Media is the studio of Joe Chellman. Started more than 20 years ago, ShooFly has been providing services in technology and media with superior quality at affordable prices. This has included website development, music, and video training on JavaScript, Drupal, and WordPress through the publishers LinkedIn Learning, lynda.com, O'Reilly, Peachpit, and here at ShooFly. Joe is also co-author of the book Getting Started with Macaw from Peachpit Press, and was the technical editor for Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack.

Currently, Joe serves as Chief Technology Officer at Acid Remap, home of the Paramedic Protocol Provider family of medical apps. ShooFly is not accepting new customers for website design or development at this time.

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macOS Hot Corners Support Modifier Keys! (April 11, 2019)

The Sweet Setup just posted an article on Hot Corners, a feature of macOS where you can shove your mouse cursor into a corner of the screen to make something happen. I use this to lock my screen or to start the screensaver, but it's easy to trigger accidentally. No more, thanks to a hot tip in their article. If you hold a modifier key (command, option, etc) while selecting the action you want, it will require that key to be down to trigger the corner. I had no idea about this, but I'm trying it now.

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