Drupal Power Workshop

Drupal is the top choice of web professionals around the world looking for an open source content management and application framework. It powers many large websites in many industries, and has been in the toolbox here at ShooFly since 2006. Drupal is meant for building custom websites of any kind, so it's very flexible, perhaps more so than other software in its niche. As a result, it sometimes seems to have a reputation for being a little difficult or unapproachable. If you're interesting in learning Drupal, this video training course may interest you.

Drupal Power Workshop is just shy of 5 hours long, and is available as a download direct from us. It builds on Getting Started with Drupal, which introduced Drupal and many of its core modules, adding in many excellent contributed modules to show how to build a more feature-rich website. You'll learn about Views, which is an almost-staggeringly powerful engine for building pages, blocks, and other lists of content; Display Suite, which allows total control over the display of pieces of content on your site's pages; how to build event calendars; adding polls and surveys with Webform; and about integrating Twitter and Facebook posts into your site. The course wraps up with a brief chapter on how to make a small custom module, which is the gateway to safely and sustainably customizing a Drupal website. In short, if you want to become a compentent builder of websites using Drupal, this course will give you a big leg up.

Six sample videos of the 54 in the course are available on YouTube. This one shows where the site we'll build in the course starts out, and what where it will end up:

Here are the others: Adding More Shows with Devel Generate, Relationships: Tying in More Data, Using Display Suite Dynamic Fields, Gotcha: Blocks Visibility vs. Panels, and Using Facebook for Comments.

If you buy the course, or even if you just watch the sample videos, I'd love to hear about it. No one wants to make stuff that stinks, so if you have feedback, send it along.

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