jQuery: Creating Plugins

If you've ever written any jQuery, you should consider turning your code into a plugin. Plugins are easy to write and reuse, and are a great way to give back to the jQuery community.

This course shows how to take some real-world examples of jQuery interactivity, written as regular filters or code, and quickly convert them into plugins. I show you how to make sure your plugin executes properly, make plugins configurable, and incorporate advanced functionality using JavaScript. With this course, you'll learn how to take the jQuery you've developed and package it into plugins everyone can use, including you!

Topics include:

  • Writing basic jQuery filters
  • Converting filters to plugins
  • Converting code to plugins
  • Making plugins configurable
  • Adding appearance options and functions
  • Distributing jQuery plugins

This course builds on what you learn in jQuery for Web Designers, so I recommend you watch that first if you don't have much experience writing JavaScript and jQuery.

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