Introducing the JavaScript Language

In this workshop you'll be introduced to the powerful programming language JavaScript and learn the fundamentals of its syntax. With the foundation you'll build, you'll be able to use JavaScript to add interactivity in web projects, build server-side apps using Node.js, mobile apps using jQuery Mobile, and much more. The contents of this course include:

In these introductory lessons, we'll define our terms for the course and look at the tools you'll use to learn to read and write JavaScript. Variables and Types
This chapter introduces variables and a few of the types of data that are usually used in the form of variables.

Objects, Arrays, and More
This chapter introduces a few more complex data types: the array, the object, and the regular expression. We'll also look at how to make code more readable by using white space and comments.

Operators and Control Structures
In this chapter, we'll start looking at what you can do with data once you've learned how to express it. You'll see how to compare items, perform arithmetic, ask yes or no questions, and check what kind of data is contained in a variable.

Iterating with Loops
We write programs for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is to cut down on repetitive tasks. In this chapter, we'll look at how to use loops in JavaScript programs to do the same, or similar, tasks over and over.

At their most basic, functions provide a way of packaging up related, reusable functionality to be used many times in a program. In JavaScript, functions are fundamental and probably more important to the language than in any other popular language. In this chapter, we look at the basics of functions, which are similar in most languages, and some of the finer points of using them that are specific to JavaScript.

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