React for Web Designers

You don't have to start from scratch with React. This super popular JavaScript framework can make your existing websites and apps even better, with very little overhead. Learn practical ways to incorporate React in real-world web designs, in this course with Joe Chellman. Joe introduces three small projects that benefit from React: a product manager that showcases React state, props, and events; an employee directory using React forms and animation; and a status board that uses React to make external API calls. Each project demonstrates what makes React most interesting and useful to web designers and provides solutions for dealing with the few unique challenges, such as working without a build tool.

Topics include:

  • The React Toolbox
  • Installing React Developer Tools
  • Creating new components
  • Implementing props and states
  • Handling events
  • Building forms
  • Responding to form updates
  • Animating
  • Incorporating live data with REST APIs

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