Creating Plugins to Extend WordPress

In this course, I teach you how to create your own plugins using the WordPress API. It is designed for folks that already have a basic working knowledge of WordPress. It runs just slightly over four hours, and covers a lot of ground.

You will start by learning about the highlights of the WordPress API, then jump into creating your first plugin: a dashboard banner. From there, I teach you how to create your second plugin (a movie reviews plugin), including how to create a widget for custom posts, register settings and sections, and prepare your plugin for localization. This course also covers additional plugin possibilities, such as using transients to cache expensive operations, implementing the transients API, and reacting to deactivation and uninstallation of your plugin. Finally, you will learn how to distribute your plugin, including how to publish independently on GitHub and submit to the plugin directory.

If you are a subscriber to the Infinite Skills Learning Library, you already have access to this course with your monthly membership. You can also buy it as a standalone, downloadable course.

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