JavaScript for Web Designers

Web designers can significantly expand their skill set and job prospects by getting comfortable with JavaScript. It allows you to do things with your websites that would be impossible with HTML and CSS alone. Learn some basic, real-world uses for JavaScript in this course with Joe Chellman. You'll find out how to work with JavaScript in the browser and in a code editor, add JavaScript to a form, read data from that form, and check input for errors. Plus, learn how to transform a long, scrolling page into a smart and stylish tabbed interface and add interactive content through APIs like Google Maps.

Topics include:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Adding interactivity to your site
  • Writing and debugging JavaScript
  • Understanding JavaScript jargon
  • Getting the values from form fields
  • Using user input in calculations
  • Creating navigation tabs with JavaScript
  • Adding a map with the Google Maps API
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