WordCamp OC and Version Control for Everyone

This was a very busy weekend. I spoke at WordCamp Orange County on how to use a debugger, and it went well. If you were there, or if you're just interested, you can view the slides here, and fork them on GitHub. The talk went well — a little rushed at times, but I try to keep things relatively informal, and improvising can come at the cost of not quite filling the time as expected. But I was focused — some argued a little too focused!

As I was making my way down to the camp, my new course for lynda.com, Version Control for Everyone, came out. It's a two-hour course on to use version control on projects that aren't programming (there are a couple that are programming-related, but lots of other stuff). This is my first course that's not strictly web development related, so I'm very pleased to have made it. As always, I welcome feedback of all kinds.

If you're curious to learn more about how version control could be helpful to you, check out this article I wrote, also on lynda.com: Version Control: It's Not Just for Programmers Anymore!

I have a lot of work for clients, and some other new things brewing otherwise. Time to get back to work!

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