JavaScript and jQuery Course Updates on and LinkedIn Learning

Two of my courses on were updated recently, and next week, with a free LinkedIn account, you'll be able to watch them, and the rest of the training library, for free! They're running the Week of Learning promotion next week, from October 24 - 30, to promote LinkedIn Learning, which is the entire catalog geared toward the LinkedIn audience.

This is also a good time to mention that two of my most popular courses, JavaScript for Web Designers, and jQuery for Web Designers, are now available both on and LinkedIn Learning. The code in both has been polished and modernized, and both have been updated to work with the online practice environment so you don't even have to download anything to experiment with the examples. The courses were originally released in 2013, so it felt good to give them these updates.

Check them out, and I hope you enjoy the Week of Learning!

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