Tunecore looks like an interesting, and much-needed, service for people who are interested in digital music distribution through iTunes and other music services, but don't have a CD.

I've just read about it now, but I want to post now and ask questions later.


Peter Wells

When you have questions, just holler. I'll be happy to answer as best I can.



Peter Wells TuneCore.com [email protected]



Is TuneCore a scam? Will it steal your music if they think its good enough? It just seems a bit too good to be true??

Cheers, Lee


I have considered using tunecore to digitally distribute my music. I music is re-corded using WAV. Tunecore uses MP3. Do I re-record MP3. or does the WAV format convert to MP3 as I upload the music. Is this digital music distributing site legit???



Tunecore seems to be good enough for Paul Westerberg. I haven't released any music there, but I think it's just a matter of keeping their costs low, so they don't have to charge much.


Pretty much everyone records their music uncompressed. TuneCore has a tutorial on their website that explains the process, but I see that they accept WAV files (16bit / 44.1kHz, like a CD). That means someone else, be it TuneCore or Apple or whoever, is handling the rest for you. As for whether it's legit, see previous answer.

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