Toward the End of a Busy Year

This has been a crazy year. A whole lot of client work, a new arrangement with, some unreleased projects that I can't quite talk about yet, and that's just in the ShooFlyDesign part of life!

In 2013, I started getting more involved with SoCalWP, including becoming a co-organizer of the new Advanced WordPress meetup group. I continued my involvement with LA Drupal, going to several meetups (the last one's coming up this Tuesday) and presenting a little bit. One of my video2brain courses got picked up by, and I published several new ones with them, which people seem to like. I lived in the Chicago area again for a couple months (even caught a WordPress meetup there), worked in southern Oregon and different parts of California, started planning new projects with one of my wife's old friends, cut most of my hair off, got married (just slipped that in there, did you notice?), recorded some music, played a bunch more music, and generally kept quite busy.

I'm looking forward to what I'm able to do next year, although a break for Christmas and New Year is looking very delicious right now.

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