Recent Appearance - My Favorite WordPress Plugin

Last month, SoCal WordPress and Hollywood WordPress joined forces for a meetup called "My Favorite Plugin". There were quite a few of us who gave lightning talks on a particular plugin we like. Video from the meetup was just posted. There were many plugins I wasn't familiar with, all coming recommended by folks in the LA WordPress community. Check it out below, or read the post on

You can also skip to my portion on WP Migrate DB and its powerful, commercial companion WP Migrate DB Pro, at 22:30 or so. As I said in the talk, I haven't quite needed to buy the paid version yet because the free one is well done and covers what I usually need, but I'll probably be buying the Pro version regardless just to say thanks to the developer.

I also hype the idea of writing your own plugin, which was something I went into in a little more depth at the Advanced WordPress meetup later that same week. Our March meetup is this coming Saturday at 11 AM. Come get your weekend WordPress on!

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