Notes from Advanced WordPress LA

The Advanced WordPress LA meetup group met up on Saturday. This is a link dump of some things we talked about.

We saw a jQuery plugin to convert SVG in <img> tags to the source XML:

We talked about grunt and gulp, for rolling your own task runners:

We looked at Help Scout for managing support tickets:
(and briefly mentioned an alternative)

This plugin helps customize outgoing emails:

These plugins might be helpful for websites where membership is a central feature:

This plugin helps control how and when certain plugins are loaded:

These plugins were mentioned as frequently-used by various folks:

If you want to build your own plugin, this boilerplate could be a good start.

While a lot of people use Advanced Custom Fields, there are alternatives that are worth looking at:

Template redirects as an action people should be aware of:

These plugins can help with keeping your site secure:

Clef is a third-party authentication service with an accompanying WordPress plugin:

This article on securing WordPress is frequently-updated and very helpful:

This font automatically redacts silly buzzwords using the power of OpenType:

This JavaScript library contains a lot of dumb jokes:

This website ended the meetup with a bang:

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