Macaw Tip - Change All Breakpoints at Once

Macaw is pretty excellent software for making responsive prototypes, and even full sites when you don't need the complexity of a content management system. It lets you design your pages visually, but unlike Dreamweaver or other old-school visual web design software, it generates HTML and CSS that is quite clean and responsive. It's only been available publicly for about a year now, and is quite good for its age.

My friend and colleague Rex Rainey and I are writing a book about it, coming soon to real and virtual bookshelves near you. In the meantime, here's a little tip that you won't find in the Macaw documentation.

In Macaw, you create breakpoints for different sizes of devices, and the software will try its best to maintain your layouts across those breakpoints as you're working. It's easy to copy settings from one breakpoint to another using the little popovers that appear, but it's not obvious or documented how to copy one setting to all breakpoints at once. The secret is the command key on Mac, control on Windows. Here's a short video showing how it works:

This tiny thing makes working in Macaw so much more pleasant, I can barely stand it.

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