Firefox - A Good, Safe Web Browser

The latest browser from the Mozilla Foundation has been released. It's called Firefox, and you should download it and take it for a spin.

Firefox is an alternative to Internet Explorer, and a very good one. It is fast, more secure, and more compatible with modern websites than Internet Explorer.

The download for the Windows installer is 4.7 MB, which is not too bad, especially on a fast connection. ShooFlyDesign recommends it highly. It will honestly make your experience with the web a lot easier.

Today is the day of Firefox's official release after years of development, so the servers might be slow. If you are savvy with BitTorrent, you can download a torrent file instead, which might help you get Firefox more easily.

If you have any questions about using Firefox, you can feel free to let us know.

If you're wondering, we are ShooFlyDesign use a special Mac browser based on the same innards as Firefox. It's called Camino, and is available as a technology preview right now. Firefox is also available for Mac OS X, but Camino is made especially for the Mac, and uses some stuff that only the Mac supports, so it is our browser of choice for daily browsing.

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