Coming soon: Getting Started with Macaw

Cover: Getting Started with Macaw

Over the past several months, my colleague and friend Rex Rainey and I wrote a book, which is going to press today, and will be available everywhere on December 5, 2014. Macaw is a really interesting, useful, and new application for making responsive websites, pages, and prototypes. There are aspects of it that are appealing to professionals and enthusiastic amateurs, but it's independently produced, and not especially well-known right now. This book is the first from a major publisher to talk about Macaw, and is meant to introduce it and help you get to work with it as quickly as possible.

More information is coming on the book's companion site, which we're finishing up now (and is built in Macaw, of course). For now, if you're curious or want to pre-order, please go to Peachpit's page on Getting Started with Macaw.

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