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PhotoJoseph is the best place to find tips, news, and support for photography software like Aperture, Photos, Lightroom, and the ecosystem of photography apps for iOS. I met the proprietor, Joseph Linaschke, in Austria while we were working on projects for video2brain. We became friends and later colleagues, working together on this major rebuild of the website. It used to be on Squarespace, and now runs Drupal, which allows a level of customization you can't get anywhere near with Squarespace.

Daniel Kraus

Daniel Kraus is a good friend and a fine author and filmmaker. This is the redesign of his website (the first version of which also came from ShooFly) featuring a more direct approach that focuses directly on his many books, but with just a little bit of flash (a few subtle CSS animations). At the pace he writes, any screenshot appearing here will be out of date within weeks!

Hazelshould Drums and Cymbals

Hazelshould is a Los Angeles-based dealer of vintage drums and cymbals, and has the distinction of being the first local client ShooFlyDesign worked with after relocating to Los Angeles. While they did, and still do, have a vibrant presence on eBay, they wanted to have more control over everything, and be able to sell some items directly to their customers. This website, powered by Drupal and Ubercart, helps them do that.

Paramedic Protocol Provider

Paramedic Protocol Provider is a mobile app for iOS and Android. The website offers some basic information about the app in a responsive format that works well on mobile and non-mobile platforms.

The website is apparently pretty simple, but has some interesting custom components. The list of available protocols is driven by the same custom backend that drives the mobile apps. The developer gave ShooFlyDesign the specs for the data and how they should work on the website, and we wrote the code that translates it all for the web.

Kate Bergeron

This WordPress site gives fans, industry, and colleagues the skinny on one of the finest up-and-comers in Hollywood. The site is built to make everything important to these various groups as easy to find as possible. Kate Bergeron is a skilled and talented actress, writer, and singer, and this website shows off her talents in a no-nonsense, efficient, but also enjoyable way.