Tag: Mobile

Meter Music School

Meter Music School is a community music school based in Seattle. We built this website in collaboration with designer Brian Bosworth.

The website is quite simple for the most part, but uses WordPress as the backend to power a custom notices system and a simple gallery used on the highly-customized home page. The main content of the website is very mobile-friendly, largely thanks to the built-in Twenty Eleven theme, upon which the site's child theme is based.

Paramedic Protocol Provider

Paramedic Protocol Provider is a mobile app for iOS and Android. The website offers some basic information about the app in a responsive format that works well on mobile and non-mobile platforms.

The website is apparently pretty simple, but has some interesting custom components. The list of available protocols is driven by the same custom backend that drives the mobile apps. The developer gave ShooFlyDesign the specs for the data and how they should work on the website, and we wrote the code that translates it all for the web.

Kate Bergeron

This WordPress site gives fans, industry, and colleagues the skinny on one of the finest up-and-comers in Hollywood. The site is built to make everything important to these various groups as easy to find as possible. Kate Bergeron is a skilled and talented actress, writer, and singer, and this website shows off her talents in a no-nonsense, efficient, but also enjoyable way.