Tag: Built It

Macaw Book

This is the website for our book Getting Started with Macaw. Rex Rainey, my co-author and friend, and I worked on this one together, and built it using Macaw. It's just a couple pages, but it illustrates nicely the kind of speedy, responsive markup the software can generate.

Save the Bay

Save the Bay is based in Oakland, CA, and is dedicated to preserving and restoring the ecosystem in and around the San Francisco Bay. I've worked with them for years now, and built a new, responsive theme for their main Drupal website in collaboration with Hairpin Communications. Shortly thereafter, I built a new, responsive theme for their WordPress blog using a similar visual style.

New York Guitar Festival

The New York Guitar Festival is a fine series of concerts and lectures taking place in New York City in the early part of each year. The website is their clearinghouse of where to go and what to see.

ShooFlyDesign built this website in partnership with Verdant Studios.

Earth Presents

Earth Presents offers gift wrapping paper that is 100% recyclable. We built their website in collaboration with their designer, using Drupal and Ubercart.

Meter Music School

Meter Music School is a community music school based in Seattle. We built this website in collaboration with designer Brian Bosworth.

The website is quite simple for the most part, but uses WordPress as the backend to power a custom notices system and a simple gallery used on the highly-customized home page. The main content of the website is very mobile-friendly, largely thanks to the built-in Twenty Eleven theme, upon which the site's child theme is based.


We've been working with Kiff Gallagher since 2003, both in his capacity as pop-soul rocker (we also built that site), and as the director of MusicianCorps. This organization is like an AmeriCorps for music, helping place musicians in schools that might not otherwise be able to afford music education.

We did the development work on this website in partnership with designer Melissa Dean.

Vidal Sassoon The Movie

We worked with our friends at Verdant Studios, who designed this website, to build it, including a bit of localization for the separate releases in the United States and UK.


Built in collaboration with Nonprofit Tech and Consumer Action, this website offers consumer information about the wireless industry to help people make more informed choices about cell phones.

Specifically, ShooFlyDesign did some ExpressionEngine wrangling, javascript interactivity, and a lot of CSS.

ALA Editions

ShooFlyDesign and the American Library Association collaborated on this website for their publishing imprint, ALA Editions. It's a Drupal site that allows subscribers to browse the archive of their digital magazine Children's Programming Monthly, and learn more about their many other offerings.