One of the most important aspects of working with ShooFlyDesign is cooperation. We don't believe in just telling you what you want to hear; we work with you to make sure the decisions we make in building your site are the right ones. We strive to take good care of our clients.

Below are some testimonials (excerpted from our portfolio and from older projects) that demonstrate how people feel working with us.

I’ve never worked with anyone this consistently creative, dependable, efficient, good-natured, and affordable — I only wish they also repaired cars. Joe’s communication skills are unparalleled — it’s immediately obvious that he is a real person, not a web-design robot who has long forgotten the ways of the real world. If you’re not using ShooFlyDesign, then you’re crazy and I don’t want to talk to you.

Daniel Kraus

Drop everything and contact ShooFlyDesign right now to start your website.

— Jonah Minton

It’s obvious that he takes great pride in the work and in the people they work with.

Liz Berg

[ShooFlyDesign’s] professionalism, honesty, and knack for making my website both fan-friendly and e-commerce-friendly have literally saved me from lost sales and missed publicity ops… They will make sure you effectively get the word out about your music to fans and media, while increasing your online sales/ response/ downloads — because they actually care.

Lis Harvey

Besides doing the job well, Joe does the work efficiently and at an affordable price. He is easy to communicate with and offer some of the best customer service I have experienced.

— Ami Worthen, The Mad Tea

ShooFlyDesign was tasked with (quickly) learning our business and business model, then learning our software (in order to implement it into our site). Their work brought professionalism and a new “fresh” look to VERY tired site. We couldn’t be happier with their dedication to our project and their help in bringing our site into the 21st century.

— Rob Corrao, Softlink America

ShooFlyDesign is excellent to work with… It has been our utmost pleasure to have their creative energy, technical support and valued insight along the way.

Thérèse Marie Wagner

Great programming skills coupled with a good foundation of user interaction and web fundementals…allowed [ShooFlyDesign] to help us develop a site that is flexible, adaptable, easy to use, and readily customizable as we grow… Our work with ShooFlyDesign guarentees that we can rapidly adapt to user demands, while minimizing programming time.

— Alnisa Allgood, Executive Director, Nonprofit Tech