ShooFly Development and Design is the web studio of Joe Chellman. Over the past fifteen+ years, ShooFly has been making affordable, excellent websites using some of the best and most well-regarded technology around (and sometimes from scratch). More recently, Joe has published video training on JavaScript, Drupal, and WordPress through the publishers lynda.com, O'Reilly, Peachpit, and here on shooflydesign.org. He is also co-author of the book Getting Started with Macaw and served as technical editor for Write Modern Web Apps with the MEAN Stack.

Now Available: Getting Started with Macaw

Getting Started with Macaw cover image If you've ever wanted a tool that can help you build custom responsive websites and prototypes, Macaw might be just the thing. And if you want to learn how to use Macaw most effectively, this book will help get you up to speed faster than anything else. Clocking in at under 300 pages, you'll learn about what Macaw is, how it works generally, and then specifically work through a small responsive website. Check out Getting Started with Macaw at macawbook.com, available for purchase in paperback or ebook from Peachpit, Amazon, or your favorite bookseller.

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Web Inspector Improved in Safari 9 (October 1, 2015)

I haven't upgraded to El Capitan, and may not for a while, but the latest version of Safari is 9.0, and is available for OS X Mavericks, aka 10.9. I upgraded to stay current with the security fixes, and have been pleasantly surprised to see a much improved Web Inspector.

The web inspector in Safari 9

The main thing I'm enjoying so far is the performance: once again, this tool is fast. When they redesigned it to look like Xcode's debugging tools, maybe a few years ago, not only was...

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